Charlie Jackson

Chair, IEEE Conferences Committee | Engineer (ret.) Northrop Grumman

Charlie Jackson has been active in a broad range of microwave and millimeter-wave technologies.  After receiving his doctorate at UCLA, he worked at Hughes for two years, where he worked on mm-wave radiometers, mm-wave mixers, COBE cryocooled mixers, and monopulse technology.  When he came to TRW he worked on mm-wave mixers, FMCW radars, quasi-optical technology, and phased array technology.  After the discovery of High Temperature Superconductivity, he supported microwave technology for the Superconducting Electronics Department.  His team was the first group to successfully demonstrate a ferroelectric phase shifter.  Later, he worked on a number of mm-wave radiometer programs, and he supported an LNA production effort.  Dr. Jackson worked at Ditrans Corp., making digital transceivers for wireless communications.  Later he worked at Raytheon SAS supporting phased array radars.  He lead the MTT effort to convert the MTT Transactions to a digital archive.  Charlie Jackson is a Past President of the IEEE-MTT Society.  Dr. Jackson recently retired from Northrop Grumman supporting space based programs.  He is Chair of the IEEE Conferences Committee.