Adam Wuellner

Adam Wuellner, Director of Customer Experience & Innovation, Hilton

As the Director of Customer Experience & Innovation at Hilton, Adam Wuellner is currently working on Hilton’s reimagined approach to groups, meetings and events ranging from the types of spaces where people meet, the food & beverage they consume to the technology they use – all supported by the service and experience Hilton guests have grown to expect.

Adam utilizes an entrepreneurial mindset to innovate through in-depth problem discovery and iterative test-and-learn practices that address the highest priority customer needs – leveraging 10+ years of learnings and experience in management consulting, hospitality, and startup growth. Prior to his current role, Adam’s leadership at Hilton spanned the customer journey – from growing the Hilton Honors membership base to enhancing the loyalty program’s benefits and rewards across all brands.

With a passion to truly understand Hilton’s customers and differentiate their experience, Adam is building offerings that energize meeting attendees and create spaces to connect, interact and collaborate in meaningful ways.  Adam is revolutionizing Hilton’s meetings & events offerings through leveraging cutting-edge tools and technology, taking a non-traditional approach to inventing products that exemplify true meetings of the future.